Information is the key to college readiness and successful college admission. If you don’t have, or can’t get the information you need to prepare for college your chances of getting “college ready, and getting in… are significantly diminished.

The research is growing increasingly clear that the students who have historically had the hardest time getting, processing, and making productive use of college preparation information and materials are low income and 1st generation college-bound students. What is less well documented in the literature, but equally challenging are the differences in levels of support and advocacy students receive from their parents. Those parents who struggled in school themselves, and have no experience with post secondary education, often express confusion and frustration at not being able to help their child access all the opportunities that college has to offer.

The College Access Project is making an investment in the lives of low income, 1st generation college-bound, an underrepresented students by providing them with the information resources they need to get on, and stay on, a college track.

What may be the most valuable and unique aspect of the TCAP program; however, is our commitment to helping the parents of these low income and 1st generation college-bound students become an engaged and productive “partner” in the process of building a successful college plan. In TCAP, students and parents work together as a team to develop expectations, build potential, and create a plan for a future that includes college.

The College Access Project is a program designed to address these fundamental issues:

  • Increase the percentage of 1st generation college-bound, low income, and under-represented students who will graduate from high school "college ready".

  • Ignite a passion for discovering the world through fun, interesting, and exciting activity-based/problem-solving exercises that students and parents work on/experience together (Family Math, Family Science & Family Arts).

  • Provide a safe, non-threatening vehicle through which parents (family/caretakers) can get actively involved in their student's education (build and articulate expectations for their student's academic performance.

  • Foster positive, purposeful, and productive relationships between students and parents within a school/educational context.

  • Build awareness, expectations, and a general understanding of how and why college can be beneficial (for both students and parents).

  • Provide parents with a fundamental understanding of the financial aspects of going to college (general costs, financial aid, etc.) as well as the tools for developing a plan for their student(s) to go to college.

  • Develop hopeful, persistent, and ambitious students, as well as, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and supportive parents.